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IT Products & Services Overview

A1 IT Solutions is The Leading Independent Supplier of IT Hardware and Software In Eastbourne and Surrounding Areas.

Without a doubt, IT now plays a major role in almost every business up and down the land, but how often do you as a business owner actually know what is the correct product or service to take your company forward.  The wrong product purchased now, could easily cause more problems than it solves, and may not even be 100% compatible with your existing equipment resulting in further downtime or delays whilst those problems are resolved.

At A1 IT Solutions, we believe in providing impartial advice and recommendations based on a solid understanding of your real business needs, and to that end we focus on solutions that offer real long-term advantages and benefits, rather than simply offering the cheapest product available to do the job.  Where possible we strive to give the client a range of solutions, always advising you of the pro's and con's of each, so that the correct decision can be made to provide the highest level of return on investment (RoI).

Being totally independent, we are also unique in that we do not favour any one particular companies products or services over another...except of course where it matters, in the quality and suitability of the product for the job in hand.  To achieve this goal, we have established many Partnerships with various manufacturers over the years, and have also forged close links with several Tier-1 distributors such as Ingram Micro and Computer 2000 which has now resulted in us being able to offer virtually any branded product, from almost any manufacturer with delivery guaranteed to your site the very next day - ask your current IT provider if they can offer such a broad level of product knowledge, coupled with impartial advice based on your own business's needs, and backed up with outstanding stock availability and delivery options.

Summary of the main IT related products and services we provide :-

* Computer and Network Equipment Sales, Installation and Support
* Software Sales, Installation and Support.
* Network Design, Installation, and Support
* Remote Access Solutions, VPN's and Terminal Servers
* NAS (Networked Attached Storage), On-line Backup solutions
* IP based CCTV products, and remote monitoring systems
* Internet Service Connections. We support CABLE, DSL, Wireless ISP, T1 and Satellite connections
* Office, Engineering, Graphic Design and other software including Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux and MAC Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, CAD Software, Virtualisation solutions, and virtually any other software you may use

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