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What VoIP can do for your Business

Most people don't understand how powerful an IP PBX system would be for their business. The average small business doesn't have the knowledge base to fully appreciate the substantial benefits of a voice over IP solution. In a nutshell, an IP PBX will bring your voice communications on to your data network. This simple fact unleashes a wide array of features. By enabling voice over an IP network, communications can be integrated with e-mail, voicemail and fax (unified messaging), and Web conferencing to provide an integrated and streamlined experience rather than the broken, inefficient old way with traditional key systems. There is a multitude of other smaller but very important features that come with integrating voice on to your data network. These features all add up to skyrocketing efficiency and productivity within your organization. Please ask for a sales quote and begin saving time and money today!


Asterisk IP PBX Communication Systems

Asterisk is the latest next-generation of telephone system which is based on open-source software and open-standards, and is the revolutionary new way for businesses to communicate. Based on computer technology known as Voice over IP or VoIP for short, the system utilises your computer network, existing telephone lines and broadband internet connection to provide a comprehensive converged solution for all your communications needs.

Free calls are one of the many fundamental features of our system, and by routing calls over your broadband internet connection, this bypasses the traditional providers such as BT. Calls are made direct to the destination over the internet and are therefore completely free of charge with no time or duration limits - ideal if you have multiple sites or remote teleworkers!

As Asterisk is based on the open SIP standard, this makes it interoperable with many makes and models of handsets, unlike traditional systems where you have to buy the handset from the same manufacturer (a panasonic handset will only work with a panasonic PBX, for example). Therefore another immediate benefit is that you can finally purchase a range of phones which are suitable for YOUR business needs, not the phone the manufacturer says you have to use, and of course you can shop around for the best prices too.

All our systems are built using Genuine HP Proliant Servers which carry a full 3 year next business day on-site warranty direct from HP themselves, and for those companies connecting to traditional ISDN and Analogue lines we only install Genuine Sangoma Telephony cards which carry an unprecedented lifetime warranty and who are unsurprisingly industry leaders as a result...........we challenge you to find any other telecoms provider offering this level of support for no additional cost.

Some of the many features of our systems include :-

Free calls to laptop users on the road or at home
Free site-to-site calls
Free calls to home-workers
Call Recording & Monitoring
Unlimited Extensions
Unlimited Lines
Voicemail and voicemail-to-email forwarding
Call Queuing
Auto Attendant/Call menus
Call ringing groups,
Call diverts
Least Cost Routing
Automatic switchover for night time & weekends
Customisable Music on Hold
Call Logging & Reporting
CTI (on-screen pop-ups)
CRM Software
Links into Outlook, ACT! or any other database software
Works with any Standard IP SIP phone
Simple/Plug-and-Play Install
Low Cost installation
Enables remote users
Paperless Faxing
ENUM dialling
Support for Videophones

And ABSOLUTELY no further licence fees whatsoever, no matter how many extensions, or remote workers are added to the system.

For more information, and to arrange a demonstration so you can see for yourself how this could revolutionise your business, please call us now on 01323 722772.


Compatible Handsets

As stated above, our systems work with any manufacturers handsets that support the SIP standard, and just like everything else in the world there are cheap products that get the job done, and more expensive products that do it with style as well as offering additional features like lcd screens, handsfree calling, videophones, etc.

We can supply Aastra, Grandstream, Polycom, Doru, Snom, Linksys, Yealink, Atcom, Elmeg, Konftel, and Cisco handsets and they all work equally well with our phone systems so you will never be stuck for choice, however for simplicity we have listed a few key handsets from the Snom range only to "whet" your appetite. If you would like information on handsets from any of these other manufacturers, please just give us a call to discuss your requirements.


The Snom 300 is a basic IP phone, and fulfils the most important requirements of VoIP telephony whilst providing numerous functions that are indispensable to the business world. 2-line display, 6 Programmable Keys

Keys can be re-programmed to perform any function, and the handset is remotely managed via a web browser.
Snom 300 Datasheet

   The Snom 320 is a fully featured Voice over IP telephone specifically designed for business use. More buttons than a Snom 300, smaller display than the Snom360.

Supports 802.3af Power over Ethernet , 12 Programmable Keys

All the keys on the snom 320 can be re-programmed to perform any function, and the handset is fully managed via a web browser.
Snom 320 Datasheet
   The Snom 360 is a fully featured Voice over IP telephone specifically designed for high-end business use.

Supports 802.3af Power over ethernet, Large LCD Display, 12 programmable keys, Expansion Module available for additional function keys or speed dial buttons.

All the keys can be re-programmed to perform any function, and the handset is fully managed via a web browser.
Snom 360 Datasheet
   The Snom 370 is a more advanced version of the 360 handset, with higher resolution screen.
Snom 370 Datasheet
   The Snom M3 Handset is a cordless DECT handset which connects via VoIP to a PBX. Multiple handsets can be registered with the same base station.
Snom M3 Datasheet
   The Snom 820 Handset is the latest edition to the Snom range.

This excutive phone has high-spec features such as high CD-Quality audio, and hi-res colour screen.
Snom 820 Datasheet


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