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Telecoms FAQ

These are answers to questions that we are routinely asked relating to our telecoms products and services.  If the answer to your specific question is not listed, then please let us know and we will get it included so that others may benefit.  Alternatively if you just want to save money on your existing lines through Least Cost Routing, we can do that as well.

Will I save money on my phone bills?
Yes, by routing calls via VoIP, your telephone bills can be reduced dramatically. This is especially true for long distance and international calls.

If I call on VoIP does the other person need to be on VoIP also?
No, if you are calling another VoIP user, then the call is completely free. However, you can call any landline or mobile, anywhere in the world. These calls are typically around 1p per minute.

How do I know I am making a VoIP call or a landline call?
Normally you shouldn't be able to tell the difference, the system can be configured to automatically route certain calls (such as international calls) over VoIP, but others over landlines. You can however, manually select your outgoing route, if you wish, when you dial the number.

How else can I save on telecoms costs?
Not only do you save on call charges, but line rental is free and DDI numbers are significantly cheaper too!  This means you can reduce the number of landlines in your business, as well as getting additional services and features.

How are calls billed?
We bill all calls on a monthly basis. Calls are fully itemised and charged on a per-second basis. There are no minimum call charges, nor any connection charges.

Can I transfer my numbers?
Of course, if you have DDI numbers that you wish to keep, but want to reduce the number of landlines you have, we can transfer your existing numbers to VoIP. They are then with you for life, and can be used from any office and any location.  For example, you can have London numbers piped to your office in Eastbourne, and there is no charge!

Where do I call for technical support?
Technical support for any product or service we supply is provided as part of an ongoing telephone & remote access support package. This is provided on an annual basis for a fixed fee. There are no limits to the number of incidents supported.

Can the System be connected to an existing LAN?
Yes, the PBX is connected to a computer network, as are IP Phones.

What expansion capabilities are available on these Asterisk PBX systems?
The system provides unlimited extensions and unlimited lines. These are all available and can be accessed immediately without the need for expansion. Your only restrictions are the number of handsets you have, and the capacity of your telephone lines or broadband connection.

Is a phone license required for any of the extensions?
No, all extensions work as soon as the system is powered on.

Is Voicemail included?
Yes. It will also forward voicemails to email, or access via a web browser

What are the voice mail maximums?
There is over 1,000 hours recording time available, dependent on the storage capacity of your PBX.

Can user A call user B's voicemail to leave a message even if user B is available?

Does the System support Multi Level Auto Attendant (MLAA)?
Yes, the amount of levels depends on how the system is set and is not restricted in any way

Can I have a remote user with your Asterisk PBX?
Yes. You can have any many remote users as you wish, all that is needed is a broadband connection at both ends.

Where is the call recording information stored?
Call recording is offered on demand or constant, and is stored as a sound file on the system.

Is it possible for two small businesses to share one Asterisk PBX?
Yes, as long as each company has a dedicated incoming line or DDI number they can appear and operate completely independently.

What is the maximum distance limit for the Ethernet?
The maximum distance is 100 meters away from the system. This is a limitation of the Ethernet. Using switches or repeaters will increase the distance.

What type of landlines are supported?

All types of landline connections can be supported - analogue, ISDN2e, ISDN30 (E1)

What voice protocols are supported?
ISDN is standard Euro ISDN using Q931 on BRI/PRI.

What Data protocols are supported?

Does the Asterisk PBX system support Quality of Service (Qos)?
Qos is provided at the Ethernet layer using DSCP format.

Does the system support voice compression?
Yes. Voice is encoded as G.729, GSM, or uncompressed at G.711a (alaw)

What IP phones can I use with the Asterisk PBX?
The system  uses the open-standard SIP protocol, so as long as the IP phone supports this it can be used. Although the handsets listed on this website are the ones recommended and guaranteed to work with the system.

Does the PBX terminate fax calls?
Yes. However, compatibility with all types of fax equipment is not guaranteed.

Does the Asterisk PBX System support Instant Messaging, presence and other productivity tools?
Yes Absolutely. It supports all this with its on screen software. It can provide instant messaging and presence, it gives users the power of making and receiving calls, central and local address books, call logs, call park and pickup, Outlook and ACT! integration

Can calls be routed to operators instead of the automated attendants?
Yes. When no automated attendants are scheduled, calls can be routed directly to the operators.

Can multiple automated attendants be configured on the system?
Yes. You can create an unlimited number of automated attendants.

How are operators and ACD's configured on the System?
All configuration is done through the web browser admin screen.

What do I use ACD groups for?

ACD groups are ideal for contact centers; help desks, technical support, or sales.

Can I use presence with operators?
Yes. Users can always view the presence of other users within the entire company. This leads to effective call routing because an operator can immediately see that a user is busy or not available and route the call to voice mail or other users.

What happens when the PBX completely fails?
If a PBX completely fails, all existing sessions are dropped, as is the case with all PBX's today. As there are only two connections (power and network) an Asterisk PBX unit can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. All systems back themselves up on a weekly basis, providing easy restore to another unit. We would always recommend using a UPS battery backup device however, to prevent issues resulting from power loss/spikes from your normal mains supply.

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