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Voice Products and Services Overview

Effective communication with your customers and suppliers is vital to any business.

No matter what business you are in, the above statement still holds true today, and despite the recent advent of email and the Internet for communicating, voice still remains an essential communication platform for todays businesses. What has changed however, is how businesses can make better use of new voice technologies, and next-generation phone systems take this to an entirely new level, providing advanced business solutions like interactive text-to-speech and voice-recognition features that were simply unfeasible as little as five years ago.

Perhaps you have a new regulatory requirement to record all incoming/outgoing calls for compliance purposes, or maybe you wish to undertake some new marketing activities and therefore some new numbers would be invaluable to track the response rates from various publications, even disaster recovery is fully addressed with our solutions....if necessary in the event of a disaster, you could redeploy any of our next-generation SIP based phone systems anywhere (with an internet connection) in under 30 minutes and be up and running with the same phone numbers - try doing that with a traditional phone system, whereby BT's lead time just for installing some new lines is around 4-6 weeks. Could your business survive without access to their primary phone numbers for a day, let alone a month, and what if you move to another geographic location, you may lose your precious numbers altogether - not so with our solutions, you could move your entire business to another country and still retain all your UK based numbers.

And the biggest change of all, is that this technology is now available in all our entry-level IP Phone Systems, finally levelling the playing field so that even small businesses can have all this advanced functionality that would normally be the preserve of large corporates spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on such systems.

Obviously almost every company in the world has a phone system, but the question is, do they actually use it to it's fullest potential. Below is a selection of the main telecoms related products and services we offer broken down into appropriate categories, hopefully this should give you some insight into how you can take your business communications to the next level, whilst also becoming more efficient (and therefore more profitable) and by portraying a more professional image in the process to both prospective and existing clients.


Save Money and Reduce Costs

  • LCR (Least Cost Routing). Cheaper ongoing call costs, if you make regular calls to mobiles then this is guaranteed to save you money
  • IP PBX Phone Systems. Take advantage of new SIP connection technologies, and make free calls between offices and homeworkers
  • Hosted PBX. Rent a next-gen phone system, for less than you probably pay for maintaining your existing system
  • Mobile Phones. Put all your mobiles onto one main business plan, this alone can save thousands of pounds a year

Make You Phone System Work For You

  • Voicemail and Email Integration. Give all your staff a personal voicemailbox, messages are even automatically converted to sound files and automatically emailed wherever you want, even to a mobile phone
  • Dictation Features. Let your phone system become a full dictation system, allowing you to call it wherever you are and provide you will full dictation functionality. Once completed your final dictation is converted to a sound file and emailed wherever you want for transcribing by a secretary
  • Call Recording. Have all your incoming phone calls recorded, or both incoming/outgoing calls. You can even record just a single extension, or group of extensions in order to provide staff training or for compliance purposes
  • Automatic Reminders. Get your phone system to call you (or your clients) at specific times to relay important announcements or appointment reminders
  • DDI Numbers. Give all your staff their own personal office phone number, this allows clients to call the correct person immediately and frees up your switchboard from answering calls needlessly

Use Your Phone System as a Marketing Solution

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Use your phone system to answer all incoming calls (or just those on a certain number) and provide an interactive menu system allowing callers to direct themselves quickly to the most appropriate person
  • Business Answering Services. Need the personal touch, have your calls handled by a professional call centre if you are unable to take the call. It costs less than you think, and provides the most personal customer facing solution available, all calls are handled as if they were taken by your own staff
  • Geographic Numbers. Want to expand into a new area, getting a geographic number in another location will allow you to seem more local to prospective clients and also provide them with a local contact number. You could also use them temporarily for marketing purposes to track the effectiveness of a particular campaign.
  • 0800/Premium Rate Numbers. Use these numbers to provide callers a free way to contact you, or alternatively use the premium rate numbers to provide income for an information related product/service, for example as a support line for your clients
  • MoH (Music-on-hold). If your clients are on-hold, use this time to inform them of featured products and services you offer. We can provide full music-on-hold services as well as professional voiceovers. Using our next-gen phone systems you can easily and quickly create these in-house


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